March 15: World Consumer Rights Day

March 15: World Consumer Rights Day

World Consumer Rights Day

◼️  March 15 This day has been celebrated as 'World Consumer Rights Day' worldwide. Awareness about the rights of the customers is created during this day.

◼️ 'World Consumer Rights Day' was celebrated this year under the concept of "Building a Digital World Consumer Cancer Trust".

◼️ This year the campaign "#BetterDigitalWorld" has been started to spread awareness about the rights of the customers. In this way, the participants will display the activities implemented by the members in front of the world.

◼️ The program was organized under the chairmanship of Consumer Affairs Minister Ram Vilas Paswan at New Delhi in the wake of World Consumer Rights Day.

✦ About 'World Consumer Rights Day (WCRD)'

◼️ On March 15, 1962, the then American President John F. Kennedy formally presented concepts in the American Congress Consumer Rights. They were the first global leaders who had raised this issue in front of the world.

◼️ The first World Consumer Rights Day was celebrated in the year 1983. Following the day, every year on 24th December, 'National Consumer Day' is celebrated in India.

✦ Importance of day: 

◼️ On this date, opportunities for promoting basic rights of all customers are provided. Apart from this, they have the right to demand respect and protection of rights and to respect the rights of the World Consumer Rights Day (WCRD) and to provide protection against these issues and to protest against market injustice and social injustice.

2017 Theme: Better Digital World
2018 Theme: Making Digital Marketplaces Fairer
2019 Theme: Trusted Smart Products
2019 Campaign"#BetterDigitalWorld"

✦ Consumers International

◼️ Charity & Not for Profit Organization

◼️ It is founded by five consumer organizations in the US, Western Europe and Australia.

◼️ Former name: International Organizations of Consumers Union (IOCU)

Founded: 1 April 1960
Headquarters: London
Currently there are 250 consumer organizations in 120 countries around the world.

✯March 15 -World Consumer Day
December 24 - National Customer Day
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