Saudi Ambassador to America

Princess Rima, Saudi Ambassador to America
Princess Rima

Princess Rima, Saudi Ambassador to America

Saudi Arabia announced the name of Princess Reema Bin Bandra as the Saudi Ambassador to America on Saturday.

It is said that Saudi Arabia is the first time to appoint female ambassadors abroad.

It is being said that the princess will try to undo the damaged relationship with Washington's Washington due to the killing of journalist Jamal Khashogi.

Jamal Khashogi, a US citizen who had gone to Saudi Arabia for his brutal murder, was found dead in Istanbul and his condition spread worldwide. There has been a tension in relation to America and Saudi. Saudis refused to have a relationship with his first victim, but later he accepted it. It is said that the assassination has been appointed as the ambassador of the princess to press the worldwide rift.

American lawmakers have accused Saudi prince Mohammed bin Salman of trying to take action against him in a murderous murder, as he was also the Defense Minister of Prince Saud.

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