Prime Minister ujjwala scheme

Prime Minister ujjwala scheme reached a stage of six crores

Prime Minister Ujwala has reached the stage of connecting six crores of cooking gas. Today Vice President M. By Vyankayya Naidu, the process of completing six crores was completed by providing gas connection to the woman from Jasmina Khatoon. Dharmendra Pradhan, Minister of Petroleum and Natural Gas was present on the occasion. Some other beneficiaries were given gas connections under this scheme.

Efforts are being made by the Prime Minister, Ujjwala Gas Scheme, to fulfill the dream of Mahatma Gandhi, the President of the Nation, that all the benefits of the schemes should reach the poor. Besides this, the aim of empowerment of women is to achieve health and environmental issues and to achieve the same goal, Vice President said. He said that this revolution is a peaceful path. Prime Minister Narendra Modi appealed for 'Reform, Performance and Transform'. The Petroleum Ministry has taken a firm step to transform the lives of the people through the Prime Minister, Ujjwala Gas Scheme. He also praised the efforts of the Petroleum Ministry and oil marketing companies for achieving the goal of adding six crores of gas. By 2004, 55% of the gas cylinders were connected; Dharmendra Pradhan said this figure has reached 90%. He said that this scheme has been praised by international organizations and developed countries, and this scheme has created an ideal for developing countries.

Prime Minister's scheme of empowerment has been started with the aim of providing clean fuel for cooking to the Below Poverty Line families. The goal was to provide free gas connections to 5 crore women in the families of Poverty Line families. They have achieved success before the scheduled time. After this, the target was increased to 8 crores and a budget provision of 12800 crores was also made.
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